MarsaNet is a wireless network of rocket avionics that expands the capability of the Marsa altimeter system. MarsaNet is a 802.15.4 network operating at 2.4 gHz.  A MrfBridge attaches to the expansion header of the Marsa54L, Marsa54LHD or Marsa33LHD altimeter and acts as the gateway to remote MarsaNet gadgets.

MarsaNet gadgets available now is a 2-channel remote Pyro board (MrfPyro). Two MrfPyro modules can be put on the network which can expand the Marsa altimeter to have up to 9 programmable channels.

MarsaNet Bundles

MrfBridge + 1 MrfPyro Module

MrfBridge - $49

MrfPyro - $69

Mrf Pyro number
PAN ID of your MrfBridge

Bundle - $108 Save $10 when purchasing both at same time.  Discount will be applied as refund.

Also redundant shipping charges will be refunded.