Firmware is installed to the Marsa altimeter with the MarsaConnect software.

1. With an unpowered Marsa plugged into the USB port start the MarsaConnect program.  You should the following message (circled Red) in the window.

2. Then power up the Marsa, wait until the display reaches the "Start in x" and hit the Connect button in MarsaConnect.  If the connection was successful the screen should display the following information.  The current firmware version that is loaded on the altimeter is displayed AND the "Download Current Firmware" button is enabled.

3. If your firmware is not already up-to-date then hit the "Download Current Firmware" button to download the current firmware from the server.  If this was successful the "Flash Current Firmware" button will be enabled.

4. Finally to load the firmware into the Marsa hit the "Flash Current Firmware" button.  Do not disturb or otherwise until the download is complete. The flashing should take about 10 seconds and the status of the programming will be displayed in the progress bar.

5. It is recommended to run 2 simulated flights on the Marsa after a firmware upgrade to clear and initialize any persistent memory that may have changed with the firmware version.

At the end of the download process the Marsa will restart which will indicate a successful flash.   If this doesn't complete properly contact Marsa Systems for the next step.